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Love Work 1200
I know you've heard it: "Do what you love and you'll never work another day in your life." There's SOME truth in that. But we need to be careful about how we spread the message.
Man Watching Sunset
A great way to enjoy meditation is to spend time reliving the best parts of your last vacation. For me, that's a sunset on the beach.
Catching Up
The reality is: You cannot catch up. The primary reason for this is that there's nothing to catch up to.
Targets Arrows Square
Make this a year for recognizing the accomplishments and forgiving the shortfalls. After all, you're guaranteed to have both of them.
Merry Ai Christmas
Change happens whether you push against it, welcome it wholeheartedly, or attempt to mold it as comes.
Branding Is Everything
Every sales trainer will tell you one thing: You need to differentiate yourself.
Insomnia Worry
Think of worry like a good spice: A little worry goes a long ways.
Set It Forget It1200
In the world of computers, the worst thing you can ever do is "Set it and forget it." That got me to thinking about all the other things in our lives where we're tempted to set it and forget it.
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Karl Palachuk

Karl W. Palachuk is the author of more than twenty books and the creator of dozens of information products and downloads. He is a business owner, entrepreneur, author, father, speaker, publisher, blogger, podcaster, and a community builder.

Karl’s Relax Focus Succeed philosophy topics include work-life balance, team building, goal-setting, and personal development. He built a successful technology consulting company and then used it to expand into book writing and business consulting.

He travels extensively, adding personal days to almost every trip. As a result, Karl visits 25-30 cities every year, often across three or four countries, and manages to take about fifty vacation days each year. Talk about Relax Focus Succeed!

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