Put Depression in its Place

Ten years ago this month, I woke up and realized that the world had just a little more color in it. I had been clinically depressed for a few years after my divorce. And while it took many more months for me to feel like I had actually come out the other side, I actually […]

Quitting Has A Bad Name

The process of trimming – quitting something important – is rarely easy. It can be almost heart breaking.

Millennials (and Gen X) Are Not a Problem to Be Dealt With

I have never believed most of the common wisdom spread about Millennials (and Gen X and Gen Z). And after about fifteen years of hearing “advice” focused on these younger generations, I think I finally figured out where the advice goes bad: It is extremely superficial and meaningless

Book Sales Strategies: Let the Data Drive the Strategy

This is a report for authors on a very expensive test I ran with my book marketing. The good news: My “big” strategy for book marketing worked. The bad news: The testing cost me a lot of book sales. First Some Background For many years I have been building a book marketing strategy that more […]

Omega Mart – A Great Experience in Bad Customer Service

I planned a Las Vegas trip for a long time. And I was super excited about the cool new attraction that was added last year during the pandemic. I was really looking forward to experiencing Omega Mart. The Omega Mart is an immersive Dada-esque art and commentary experience. It’s a bit hard to explain, but […]

Lessons from the “Great Resignation”

It’s not over yet. The unemployment numbers for January were released a few days ago. Looks like 4.3 million people quit their jobs in January. That means that over 3% of working Americans have quit their jobs each month for eight months in a row. Many of us are asking, “What’s going on?” There are […]

Your Mind Doesn’t Do You A Lot of Favors

When we recall memories, we also apply filtering. As we pull them out of storage, we re-write them just a bit to fit within our world view and to provide consistency with other memories.

Inertia – Good and Bad

We all know what intertia is. Whether or not your mind immediately brings up an image of Sir Isaac Newton, you have certainly heard of Newton’s first law of motion: “An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless […]