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Stop and look around. What does your workspace say about you? Is it a Wall of Inspiration or a Wall of Desperation?
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Karl W. Palachuk
May 1, 2006


In my “other” business, and in my travels around the U.S. and Europe, I see a lot of offices. A lot of cubicles and workstations. Even a few lockers and help desks.

There seems to be a universal need for human beings to do two things with their work space. First, they personalize it. They put up photographs of friends and relatives as well as hand-drawn art from children.

Second, people tend to adorn their offices with quotes and commentaries on life. Some are large, stylish quotations in wooden frames behind glass. Others are posters, post cards, and even comic strips.

I treat these groups separately because I believe they represent two sides of our personalities. Pictures, mementos, and drawings represent our very personal side. We want to remember the spouse, the wedding, the get-together, etc.

The other stuff — the commentaries and quotes and cartoons — that represents more of our expressions about the world.

This is where you need to put some attention.

First, your commentaries on the world reflect your statement about how things are. Second, they reflect your goals and desires. So, your area represents both your reflections on how things are and reflections on how they can be.

Stop and look around. What does your workspace say about you? Is it a Wall of Inspiration or a Wall of Desperation?

If a visitor came to call (let’s say, your mother, your boss, a customer, or a prospective employee), what would the visitor see? Not the cleanliness. Not the organization. What would your visitor see as a reflection of who you are and who you want to be?

Which of the following phrases describe your work area?

– Cheerful
– Content
– Excited
– Grateful
– Happy
– Inspirational
– Joyous
– Peaceful
– Positive
– Relaxed
– Up-lifting
– Angry
– Bitter
– Confused
– Depressed
– Exasperated
– Frustrated
– Miserable
– Negative
– Overwhelmed
– Sad
– Sarcastic

Have a co-worker give you an honest assessment, then answer these two questions:

Question 1: Is that the image you want to project to others?

Question 2: Is that a collection of messages that will improve your attitude and level of success?

 “Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from
achieving his goal; Nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.” — W.W. Ziege 

I was on a coaching call the other day and someone mentioned the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. This is one of the most-cited books in the world of self-improvement.

Now ask yourself: What kind of “thinking” do you suppose Napoleon Hill had in mind? Whining and complaining? Blaming and self-pity?

No. Of course not.

The thinking you need to be successful (whether it’s getting rich or some other goal) is positive thinking. You need to fill your space and your life with inspiration.

You need to build that wall of inspiration. Post your favorite quotations. If you don’t any to post, I’ve got a few candidates at www.relaxfocussucceed.com/Pith.htm. If you want a five-pack of 4″x6″ post cards with some of my favorite quotes, email me. Free.

The point is very simple. When you look up from your work, do you see a sarcastic reminder of how horrible things are, or do you see something that makes you smile and encourages you to keep moving in the right direction?

Fill your space with positive messages. Post your goals for the year and this month. Put up joyful reminders of the fun things you do, and the things you want to do. Don’t wait for someone else to “motivate” you: motivate yourself.

Fill your environment with positive, productive messages and your environment will reward you with a more positive, productive life.

Start today.

Rfs Beers Cheers

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