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One Hour that Will Change Your Life


Everyday, we look at the high priority things and don’t do them because they take time. And since we’re focused on the calendar and the clock, time is so precious that we don’t make time to do what’s important!

Unplug in Style – and Help a Great Cause

One of the emerging trends in the U.S. is unplugging. As we become more connected to our technology every day, the need to uplug becomes greater. In fact, unplugging has become popular enough to have its own day. National Day of Unplugging was March 6th of this year. The day was started by a group […]

Meditating: Get Started – Part 1

I have recently talked to several people who are trying to figure out how to get started with “quiet time” or meditation. So I thought I’d give you my recommendations. There are no hard, fast rules here, so relax and enjoy. I plan to have several posts on this. So go slow and check back […]

Farmers and Fords

I knew a farmer that turned the south 40 into a used car lot. Now every year is a bumper crop. 🙂

I Have Every Excuse Not To Excercise

Some mornings I get up and would rather stay in bed.  I’m sure this is unique to me.  I know I need to exercise, but reading is more fun.  And I have bills to pay.  And my back hurts.  Also, I need to tidy up my office, the cat needs feeding, I should really take […]

Relax Focus Succeed

By Karl W. Palachuk, author of the book Relax Focus Succeed. Please visit the RFS web site at www.relaxfocussucceed.com and sign up for our free newsletter.

Golfer Humor

A contribution from my friend David. – Did you hear about the golfer who got run over by a lawn mower? He had a nasty slice. – I just heard the poor guy had to have his hand amputated. Now he has a slice AND a hook!