Slow Down, Get More Done


This is so central to my life and my business that I had a poster made for my wall that says, “Slow down, get more done.” There are any levels to this advice. The simplest one is that sometimes you are so intent and frustrated in your work that you cannot make progress. For example, […]

Work ON Yourself, Not Just In Yourself

Yoga business

One of the truly great books I’ve read in my life is The E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber. If I could make every small business owner in the world read one book, it would be this one. For many years, I re-read this book every year. Now, after thirty years, I re-read it every other […]

The Balance Funnel


You’ve probably heard of the “Sales Funnel.” The concept of a sales funnel is very straight forward. You need to do a certain amount of marketing to get the attention of a large number of “suspects.” Some percentage of these will become prospects.

When Life is Perfect, Take a Snapshot


. . . And despite how the world appears on television, it is positive, optimistic people who create the greatest, most lasting achievements. Be one of those people.

Are You Too Busy to Be Successful?


Have you noticed that really successful people seem less busy than other people–until you sit down and talk to them? Successful people are busy. Really successful people have more of an air of quiet accomplishment.

An Introduction to Prayer and Meditation


There are many forms of relaxation and focus. When we say “meditation” people in the United States do not necessarily associate the word with religion. But when we use the word prayer, we do associate it with religion. And yet prayer and medication are very closely linked.

Introduction to Retreats


In the Monty Python movie The Holy Grail, King Arthur’s men do not use the terms “charge” and “retreat.” Instead they use “charge” and “Run away! Run away!” So, when I tell my wife I’m going on my annual retreat, she always says “Run away! Run away!”

Don’t Let God Make You Lazy


A great deal of what we need is simply a matter of taking a little time every day to think. We need to think about our lives. Do we have a plan? (Yes it will change, but any plan is better than no plan.) You can begin today.

Clearing Up the Question of Relaxation


Perhaps the area of greatest confusion regarding the philosophy of “Relax Focus Succeed” is the Relax part. After all, we live in a society that does everything but relax.

Relaxation Breathing


But there is a difference between pain and suffering. Pain tells us information we need to know. We often change our behavior to reduce pain. We adjust our exercise routine, or how we lift something, or the way we work. This is good.