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I have never believed most of the common wisdom spread about Millennials (and Gen X and Gen Z). And after about fifteen years of hearing "advice" focused on these younger generations, I think I finally figured out where the advice goes bad: It is extremely superficial and meaningless
Your clients are not merely buying your products and services. Chances are excellent that they can get those anywhere. Clients are buying you, your company, and the way you do everything. With that in mind, here are my three favorite kinds of marketing.
Book Sales Strategy
The bottom line is something you already know: Sales is hard. I happen to make enough money to live on by selling books. But that's after I spend a lot of time and money creating and fine-tuning every single piece of the sales and marketing process. I lay it out for you below.
I often tell people that most bad customer service happens when employees don't know why their job exists. I think that's the case here, with the woman I'll call Marin. I think she thinks her job is to enforce the rules. . .
Few changes are permanent. People take jobs and leave jobs. Sometimes they go back to a job. Sometimes they change careers, or move across country. Everything keeps evolving. Tune into it and think about where you want to fit. Every day, be a little bit more of what you wish to become.
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When we recall memories, we also apply filtering. As we pull them out of storage, we re-write them just a bit to fit within our world view and to provide consistency with other memories.
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Service delivery involves a whole lot of stuff the customer never sees or experiences.
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Karl Palachuk

Karl W. Palachuk is the author of more than twenty books and the creator of dozens of information products and downloads. He is a business owner, entrepreneur, author, father, speaker, publisher, blogger, podcaster, and a community builder.

Karl’s Relax Focus Succeed philosophy topics include work-life balance, team building, goal-setting, and personal development. He built a successful technology consulting company and then used it to expand into book writing and business consulting.

He travels extensively, adding personal days to almost every trip. As a result, Karl visits 25-30 cities every year, often across three or four countries, and manages to take about fifty vacation days each year. Talk about Relax Focus Succeed!

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