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Karl W. Palachuk
August 6, 2008

Fact One: The State of California sucks out loud. As a place to do business . . . it rates lower than PSS from Microsoft.

So the Gubinator says . . . we have a budget crisis.

Our budget crises make the national debt look small.  🙁

So all state workers will be paid minimum wage, effective immediately.

– – – – –

My wife works for the State of CA.

– – – – –

Fast forward.

Karl and the wife go to Vegas for the weekend.

We come home and talk to our 16 year old daughter about what we saw.

“You need to go to college.”

Here are three reasons:

1) Dude in M&Ms outfit on the street in 110 degree weather.

2) Dude in Coca Cola polar bear outfit in 110 degree weather.

3) Woman in bikini walking around on the asphalt with a 3 foot headress, drawing attention to rental cars.

Daughter says . . . I bet they’re paid very well.

I say, no. You need to go to college. Every one of these people are earning Minimum Wage.

And the daughter says . . .

“So is Mom.”

. . .

You can’t argue with that.

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