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Build a Wall of Inspiration

Karl Palachuk

Karl W. Palachuk
September 18, 2007

When you look around your work area, what do you see? Is it drab and dreary or inspiring?

Whether you work at a desk, a home office, a cubicle — or any place else — you can make your workplace inspiring. Here are a few things that might help.

First, you should have your goals posted.
Which goals? Well, whichever you want in front of you. What are your major projects for the year? Write them down and put them in front of you.

Second, put up some of your favorite quotes.
I have a series of picture frames — the basic cheap black 8.5×11″ kind — posted on my wall. Each one contains one of my favorite quotes. In fact, several of them have old favorite quotes hidden behind the one on display. So I can cycle through them. It never hurts to glance up and be inspired!

Third, put up things that make you happy or help you look forward to something.
My wife has a huge newspaper article about walking tours posted on the wall above her desk. That thing’s been up there for more than two years. Guess what? She’s going on a walking tour in France next month.

You could put up a bunch of sarcastic cartoons, dirty jokes, and stuff that makes fun of your boss. But let’s assume you have a limited amount of workspace: why not put up things that give you a positive attitude and help you advance along your way?

I don’t stare at the wall next to my desk. But I do glance from time to time. And when I do, I’m likely to spot some little thing that lifts me up and helps me along my way.

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