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Relax Focus Succeed — Say What?

Relax? Focus? Succeed? Chances are you, don't think of these activities together . . .
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Karl W. Palachuk
October 1, 2002


This site evolved from my monthly newsletter, “Relax – Focus – Succeed” – A Newsletter For A Successful Life. That newsletter has been produced off and on since 2002.

The newsletter contains commentaries, hints, tips, and inspirational notes for improving your life. Notice I didn’t say business life or professional life or personal life: Your life is your life. It includes all aspects and the key to true success is balancing these aspects so that you lead a life you want to lead.

Relax? Focus? Succeed? Chances are you, don’t think of these activities together — You don’t see them as being related to one another. Perhaps Focus and Success. But Relaxation?

The Philosophy: My premise is simple but powerful: I believe the fundamental keys to success are Focus, Hard Work, and Balance. “Success literature” is full of Focus and Hard Work but shy on emphasizing Balance. Without Relaxation, without balance, work cannot be successful. Sometimes you have to not work. Sometimes you have to give yourself the gift of enjoying your life. And when you do this, consciously aware that you’re giving yourself this gift, then you achieve clarity: Your Focus becomes sharper, your work more meaningful, and your Success that much closer.

I place Relax first because it is the most important and most neglected element. Only when you learn to relax and bring balance to your life will you be truly successful. Focus is second because it is the driving force in everything we do and everything we achieve. If you focus on watching television, you master watching television; if you focus on your children you will be an excellent parent; if you focus on money you will attain money; if you focus on being a better person, you become a better person.

And if you want to be an excellent parent with enough money to send your kids to college and retire without worrying about paying the bills? Then we’re back to Balance — learning to relax and bring the competing elements of your life together in harmony.

The unspoken element is Hard Work. This is not in the title because it’s the one element everyone should know about. I say “should.” Unsuccessful people think they can attain their goals without working. They believe they can get rich quick, read a book and straighten out their relationships in an afternoon, or lose weight by taking a sugar pill. I suspect these are the same people who buy hair in a spray can and order diet cola with their super-sized Mondo Burger.

The final element is Success. Success is not money, although having money is one kind of success on which we frequently focus. Success is attaining your goals. Money is often a means to attaining goals, but reflection will tell us that money is never a goal unto itself. Money helps us take vacations, buy toys, enjoy our hobbies, lavish gifts on the people we love, take time for ourselves, contribute to our communities, and attain our goals.

It takes relaxation–and focus–to create and understand the balance in our lives. Relaxation and Focus are absolutely essential to the process of defining, seeking, and attaining our goals. In other words, without relaxation and focus there is no success. Read on and let me know what you think.


— Karl P.

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